Lithuania National Stadium facing demolition after it first began construction in 1987 by the Soviet Union

'A National Disgrace' - Lithuania National Stadium

Upon a recent visit to Lithuania, I was astonished to find a colosseum like structure abandoned next to a shopping centre in Vilnius, the capital city of the country. It caught me by surprise. However, I remembered a couple days prior to this being told of a National Football Stadium that had been left idle since it first went into construction in 1987. 

When the dissolution of the Soviet Union happened in 1991, the stadium's plans were terminated, and this skeleton like monument was regarded a forgotten matter of the past. Ever since the stadium has been subject to periods of planning & hope. Unfortunately, anybody who has come to make this ruin a dream, has only emptied their pockets or faced a lawsuit. 

As things stand, basketball is the number one sport in the country, and this is where the majority of the sports funding directed. However, FK Žalgiris, the capital city's football club are currently without a stadium of their own. As 8 time title winners, you would imagine they deserve a home, for the fans mostly. 

Recent news emerged while I was in Vilnius, that this 'national disgrace' had been served it's final sentence and that demolition was due to start. Sadly, it has. Fortunately I can say that the purpose of the demolition is to make way for a new national stadium serving as a multifunctional purpose arena. Hopefully one day I can return and reminisce on the beautiful disaster it once was. 

Concept image of the projected stadium / grounds that is expected to be finished in 2025.



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